My First Wedding Video

A relative’s wedding provided an opportunity to try some wedding photography. The couple’s professional photographer was very gracious about allowing guests to take photos, as well. I created a video album so that I could organize the photos to reflect the activities of the day as they unfolded. The video does not have audio; you can click on the icon in the lower right corner of the video to see the video in full screen.

The groom is my husband’s nephew and we’ve known both the bride and groom for many years. They started dating in high school and got married on Feb. 11, 2016, their 10th anniversary. This event was a re-affirmation of their commitment to each with a ceremony and celebration for family and friends.

2 thoughts on “My First Wedding Video”

  1. This is beautiful. I think you should become a wedding photographer!

  2. Thanks, Linda. I think wedding photographer would be pretty stressful with any other bridal couple.

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